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COURIER FEE: $45 flat fee in a 15-mile radius of Sutherlin, Oregon. After you leave the 15-mile radius, we charge $45, plus 60 cents per mile, roundtrip from Sutherlin, Oregon. If you need documents delivered to you or need a notary to come to you, give us a call!

NOTARY FEE: $10 per signature.

RESEARCH FEES: $15 per case flat fee to access OREGON JUDICIAL COMPUTER SYSTEM court filings in Civil and Criminal cases. NO dependency cases. We can check the status of your case and/or download court documents and deliver them to you at your convenience, either in person or via US mail or e-mail.

RESEARCH FEES: $15 per case flat fee to access DOUGLAS COUNTY COURT CLERK for recorded documents like deeds, liens, and any other recorded documents. Need a copy of your deed? We can get it for you anytime, day or night.

PAPER COPIES: 50 cents/per page. We have a portable printer that can print documents right at your doorstep!

ELECTRONIC COPIES: no charge!  We like to try to conserve a few trees! If you prefer your documents be e-mailed to you, we don't charge you for this service (up to 3 documents)
Yes, it is FREE!

PROCESS SERVICE: $75 anywhere in Douglas County, regardless of number of attempts. This also includes the preparation and filing of the Proof of Service with the Court for you.

PARALEGAL SERVICES: $100/hour.  Document review and preparation.  For attorneys interested in larger projects, bulk contract rates are available.  Please contact us to discuss at

BUSINESS SERVICES: $100/hour.  Assistance with resume and CV preparation; business letter drafting; employment cover letter preparation, among other services.  

Free 30 minute consultations may be scheduled via telephone (541-580-9564); 
or video conferencing at Skype or Zoom.  
After 30 minutes' time, you are billed at $100/hour, 
with a minimum one-hour charge of $100 for any time over 30 minutes.
We are not attorneys and we do not offer nor do we provide legal advice. Should you require legal advice, you should contact an attorney or the Oregon State Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service at (503) 684-3763 or (800) 452-7636 for a referral to an attorney experienced in your area of law. If you are unsure whether you need an attorney, it is always best to speak with a licensed attorney.
TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES: $10/page.  Need that CD of that hearing transcribed?  Give us a call!
NOW AVAILABLE!  All new E-recording service.  Provide us with your original document to be recorded, and for a small fee of $45 added to the amount the County charges to record the document, we will take care of recording the document, e-mailing you a copy and mailing your original document back to you.  Now that is service!